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Environmental benefits

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Benefits of recycling :

I. Management Area

• Unifies in a single manager the diversification of waste management of batteries, accumulators and its derivatives.
• It helps to integrate environmental management of these results for the overall management of the company.
• Ensures preparation of certificates, even in front of a notary.

II. Legal field

Ensures an ongoing basis compliance with the obligations required by applicable environmental legislation (RD 106/2008, etc) and adaption to changes.
It reduces the risks of non-compliance with regulations, which is:
• Avoiding fines and penalties.
• Avoiding lawsuits and legal costs.
• It reduces the risk of demands for civil and criminal liability.
• Avoiding potential lawsuits for unfair competition.

III. Production level

• It allows the incorporation of new technologies and developments.
• Reports on new minimization process of waste and energy.
• Reports the access to economic aid in the field of waste management.

IV. Corporate Image – Marketing

The transfer to the SIG de UNIBAT through ACL BATTERIES, S.L., allows:
• Improvement of the environmental image of the Company.
• Strengthening of the product differentiation strategies, for example obtaining eco-labels.
• Possible adaptation to market demands such as participation in EMAS or ISO 14001 Certification.
• Helps to increase market share, facilitating the sale of their products.

New Recycling Rules:

Royal Decree R.D. 106/2008 on batteries and accumulators and environmental management of waste from February 1, 2008 made responsible for funding and managing the corresponding residues to producers and importers of such products.

This Royal Decree in force since 26 September 2008 applies to all types of batteries, accumulators and batteries, regardless of shape or volume, or weight, and it affects both those sold separately and those which are incorporated in electrical and electronic equipment.

This mandatory rule considers any natural or legal person irrespective of the selling technique used, who puts batteries, accumulators, etc… that are incorporated into appliances or vehicles on the national market for the first time as a “Producer”Understanding that your Company may be affected by Royal Decree 106/2008, UNIBAT, Union of Industrial Battery, through ACL Batteries S.L., offers its services as a non-profit society to meet all the requirements in this Royal Decree, guaranteeing:

The most complete logistics adapted to the real needs of your company at any point in the geography of the Peninsula.

The best environmental solution for waste batteries, accumulators and batteries, carried to term by real professionals.

In ACL Batteries S.L., we ensure the correct return of batteries to recycling loop and also we care about the correct treatment of all materials thus avoiding contamination of our environment.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you have about.

Legal Documentation: BOE 37 (12-02-2008), BOE 189 (05-08-2010)

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