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Preventive maintenance and post sale

At some point, each battery must cope with a new break-down due to the loading and unloading of the same. This process can be accelerated due to misuse or lack of maintenance. Dust, moisture in the environment, little water in the malfunctioning filled boots or anticipating off during the charging process. These are some of the possibilities of increasing the wear of the batteries, which can be avoided when the batteries are revised annually by the ACL Batteries´ maintenance service, reducing breakdowns and maintenance costs.

Maintenance and service contract
An annual inspection will give you a perfect technical condition to your fleet of batteries. You will be able to budget for maintenance and replacement expenses. There will be no unexpected surprises. With our maintenance and service contract, you will have secured a regular maintenance on your fleet of traction batteries and chargers.

Utilización y mantenimiento para baterías de tracción

The optimization maintenance service that we carry out at the customer’s premises, has the following essential points:

• Adjusting the levels of batteries to avoid overflow problems, excess or lack of water.

• Battery cleaning to prevent capacity losses caused by leakage currents, or by the dirt accumulated in the elements.

• Internal sulphate. The accumulation of sulphate on lead plates increases the percentage of energy needed to remove the battery. Thus, to remove this sulphate, chargers will work efficiently and the charging time will be less by making energy savings between 30-40%

• Adjustment of acid levels to ensure the battery takes the greatest possible load.

• Advice for improving energy systems (chargers, batteries, accessories, etc) to reduce expenses on repairs.

• Post optimization service to keep track of the evolution of the status of the battery. We notify you prior to the visit.

Advantages of the maintenance of batteries:

From the very beginning, you will save money since the battery will be charged beforehand and it will take more time to wear out, lengthening its useful life.

As the battery works to it’s maximum performance, this lengthens the lifespan between 2 and 4 years as minimum (depending on the type of battery)

As soon as possible this fast DESULTACIÓN begins, further lengthening the useful battery life up to twice. And this means a savings for the company.

Not taking the battery to our local shop to do the optimization analysis (as most companies do), instead having that done at the customer´s premises saves transport costs. car batteries, while the process is done or have the device that used the battery stopped.

Battery cleaning
Dirty batteries will cause an extra loss of capacity due to self-discharge. A repellent suitable cleaning will make the process slower. After cleaning your batteries will be as good as new and will work better.

Impact of failure to carry out a preventive maintenance:
• Repairs of electronic plates of the bull
• Reduces costly battery repair battery life
• Repairs of expensive batteries
• Improper electrolyte level repair
• Without forecasting of investment in batteries
• Battery leakage current increase

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Equipment SAI

Imagine seeing the solution rather than the problem?

In ACL Baterías, we are concerned about the safety of your facilities. For this reason we have and offer the most advanced and innovative equipment in electrical protection.

An uninterruptible Power Systems Division of ACL Batteries is exclusively dedicated to engineering, marketing and maintenance of equipment SAI. Our great experience and professionalism allows us to gain the confidence of our customers in other areas of our business.

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Solar Projects

Photovoltaic isolated
In ACL Batteries we offer you a “complete”, since we are specialists in the development of all the necessary phases for the implementation of an isolated installation.

Photovoltaic grid-connected
We take care of all the tasks necessary for the correct setting up installation.

Monitoring Plan
SThis plan reflects the actions to be taken to ensure that the operational values of the installation are correct (state of charge of the battery and performance of controller and inverter). It is a simple observation of the main parameters plan, to verify that the installation works correctly.

Preventive Maintenance Plan
Realization of operations necessary to ensure proper operation of the solar system, such as visual inspections, verifying performances and operating controls carried out and recorded by the S.A.T. of contracted maintenance technicians. Operations to perform such a review may be made at any time during the duration of the service and in accordance with the schedule of visits. This includes a telephone service on the updating of the equipment, and advice on the best way to carry out the tasks of monitoring the installation with the aim of achieving maximum safety, efficiency and energy production of the installation.

Corrective Maintenance Plan
Actions carried out as a result of the detection of any anomalies in the functioning of the batteries. They correspond to the replacement or repair of the installation operations.

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Battery Repair

Reparaciones sencillas y avanzadas

Advanced and simple repairs. In ACL Batteries we are very aware of the refund required to replace a battery that does not work. But did you know that the replacement is not necessary?

Currently we provide a fast and efficient service to the Iberian Peninsula. Our experimented and trained technical employees will come to your facility and will perform exhaustive battery tests, to determine the cause of the poor performance of the battery.

Once the results have been determined, we provide you with a report where it will be exposed to their improvements.

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Recovery of batteries

Some of the products that make up the lead-acid batteries can be recycled. However, the main components (lead-sulphuric acid) are very dangerous if not managed correctly and should be recycled in a way that is not dangerous to the environment (the legal penalties for the improper disposal can be significant).

In the application of article 7.1 of the Law 10/1998 of April 21 (waste) each producer shall be obligated to take charge of the collection and management of the same amount, weight and type of batteries that has been put on the market, which has been the mode of sale, either direct, electronic by email or automatic.

To do this, the producer shall be responsible for the following:

• - Taking charge of the collection and the management of the waste and the end of the useful life of the product.

• - Finance management of collection and recycling systems.

- Authorization with their autonomous community and registering as a product in the Register REI-RAEE of the Ministry of Industry ensure.

Complying with the objectives of collection by weight if you have a battery (lead-acid, nickel or lithium) either traction, stationary or boot.

- Having the means necessary for their collection all overthe Spanish territo. 

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Do you intend to purchase a second-hand truck?

When a company is looking for a second hand electric forklift, you might find hidden defects in the battery.

When we buy an electric trolley used, either a bull, or a retractable electric pallet, the main problem we find is knowing what state the battery is in. This lack of knowledge can cause you to buy a machine for a price that does not reflect it’s status. So it means that after purchasing this wheelbarrow, we have to change the battery after a short time. Make youre you know the battery status beforehand, to save us money and time.

What do we offer?

We offer two options:

1) 1- We will select the electric pallet, bull or retractable electric forklift that best suit your needs and budget.

2) 2- We can directly inspect a wheelbarrow that the client has located.

3- When we have found the right machine according to these requirements there will be a general inspection of it’s condition and we will check that the machine is what our client needs. Then we will make a thorough analysis of the battery to know the real state working hours and how long it will last. If this corresponds to the customer expectations and budget, we will recommend the purchase of the truck.

We charge service depending on three circumstances:

1)If the customer buys an old bull with a dead battery: we stayed with the old battery in exchange for the service provided and also we have the opportunity to offer you a new one.

2)We can establish a maintenance contract for battery optimization.

3)We can establish a fee for the service

What truck should we choose?

Defining the solution best suited to support business needs and from there choosing the brand among the many options that the market presents, is not an easy task. The aim is obviously to find the machine that offers greater guarantees while obtaining the lowest price per ton transported. All with the highest rate of availability and performance.

The task of analysing and comparing each of the brands and models of support options can be endless. However there are always some premises that the chosen machine must meet:

• The machine is able to do the work that is required and that according to their characteristics can be performed.

• The machine is adapted to future work.

• That its application does not involve changes in the environment, load or staff. If necessary we should assess what benefits they could bring.

• You have the ability to support specific workloads or increase productivity by moving more units or using less time.


Moreover depending on the type of concrete handling equipment that is chosen, individual characteristics will have to be assessed.

For example, if you need an electric forklift is essential to know the capacity of your battery or electronic control mode among many others.

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